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Delivery Charges: Rs.30

FSSAI License Number: 20821005001785

FRESH VEGETABLES SIMPLY DELICIOUS We supply High Quality Vegetables SHOP NOW FRESH VEGGIE 100% FRESH Farm Fresh Produce Right to Your Door SHOP NOW

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Hand Picked Sorting From Farm.


Washing &






Delivered To Your Door Step In Dust Free Bins.

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We will extract Pure Edible oil for you on your order. You can see a live video.

Introducing Fresh Cold Press Pure Edible Oil.

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Priyanka Oza
I was delighted to receive farm fresh veggies at my doorstep. But what most impressed me about Earthy Raw is the quality & care of packaging and hygiene with which it was delivered. The veggies were in the utmost clean state. They tasted great, melted away easily while cooking (that’s the sign of freshness) and stayed just fine for a longer time in refrigeration too! From farm to home within just a few hours is an absolute pleasure in these times, when our health is our top priority, and Earthy Raw just does that for you. Am now looking forward to ordering in regularly and having my unadulterated vegetables as fresh as I want, every single day!
Priyanka Oza Professional & Homemaker - Gurgaon
Mrs. Naveena
Every time you eat something is either feeding a desease or fighting one. So called organic food available in the market has no authentication at all. This is one place we can order from blindly without looking for certification Thankyou Seema for the amazing variety of farm fresh vegetables. Very well packed and handled till our doorstep.
Mrs. Naveena Gurgaon
Mrs. Shalini
Excellent quality of farm fresh vegetables reaching us well in time with hygienic packaging ! The fragrance and crispness of veggies depicts the perfection in farming such produce . I highly recommend earthy raw for buying the finest vegetables for your family .
Mrs. Shalini Gurgaon
Mrs. Anupa
Thanks to Mrs . Seema Tomar of Earthy Raw we got a whole lot of fresh seasonal vegetables from her farm and I was truly impressed by the freshness & taste of the vegetables.... The vegetables tasted much better though we used the usual method of cooking! Waiting for them to start commercial sale.... kudos team Earthy Raw 🙏
Mrs. Anupa Gurgaon
Mr. Preeti
The quality is excellent and yes they were clean and nicely packed. Would like to thank you for them.🙏
Mr. Preeti Gurgaon

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